Are you spending HOURS finding stuff to post on your Faceboook Business Page and feeling like you’re getting nowhere?!

Is all that effort actually getting you any results in your business?

Is anyone actually seeing it?

Is it worth your time and effort?

Well, if done correctly – the answer to ALL of the above will, in time, be… “YES, ABSOLUTELY!”

Less than 3months ago, we were weighing up the pros and cons of the latest round of Facebook changes for Business Owners and – more importantly – organic reach on their pages.

Even as recently as August this year, major, global publishers such as The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast were reporting that their organic reach had “tanked” by up to 52% in the first half of 2016.

Prior to that, business media giant Forbes was touting headlines such as ‘The Death of Organic Reach’ (bit dramatic!).

We said it then and will say it again…!

Facebook are all about their customer experience (their users) and you should be no different in regard to your followers’ experience when they come in to contact with you, your brand and your content on their platform!

A smart business owner can work this to a huge advantage and give Facebook exactly what they want – ENGAGEMENT.


It’s a snowball effect. Get the right people engaging with your posts, Facebook will show more of your stuff to more of the right people – better known as your ‘reach’.

So… How Do You Increase Your Reach?

Simple. Give your ideal audience what THEY want in terms of quality, relevant and valuable content to consume.

Provide this, executed within the right strategy and your ideal customers will FIND you.

No chasing, no cold calling, just a loyal following of fans seeking YOU out for your products and services.

Wouldn’t that be nice?!

And guess what? Better still, once they’ve found you, they will FOLLOW you – eager to see what else you’re going to give them.

It’s the start of the perfect relationship on Social Media which only results in one thing – trust, loyalty and yes – eventually – SALES!

How do we know this?

Because our clients are currently PROVING IT!

As passionate believers in the power of social, we decided to set up some ongoing data collection exercises with a select group of our clients.

Clients who have seen instant business results in terms of customer enquiry, bookings, increased email open rates and yes – SALES!

Check out this example from one of our case studies after just ONE WEEK of consistent action…

insights mega pods

3 key things that affected results:

  • Consistency in posting at optimised times of day
  • Number of video posts
  • Consistent engagement (likes, comments, shares etc)

By simply implementing a simple strategy to ensure these three things… the results speak for themselves!

Across ALL case studies we’re currently running, in our first week of collective results, we saw an AVERAGE increase in organic reach of 1200%! 

There’s much discussion around whether major organic reach on pages is even possible anymore for the average business owner.

Well we think it absolutely is and with the results we’ve seen – we KNOW it’s true!

We kicked off these customised strategies in the last week of September and in only 2weeks, have seen such HUGE momentum building in the reach of their business pages, we had to share the insights.

We’re continuing to test a number of different strategies and sharing the results for further brainstorming over in our FREE Facebook Community Group.

Remember: this is all ORGANIC growth.

These clients haven’t spent a penny on paid advertising while implementing these strategies!

If you’re ready to EXPLODE your organic reach on Facebook, prove the ‘experts’ wrong and start attracting a whole lot more of the PERFECT followers, click here to join our Free Community Facebook Group!
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